The Alfred-Delp-Haus

The Alfred-Delp-Haus (ADH) in Frankfurt/Main is a student dormitory run by Bauverein Katholische Studentenheime e.V. In the ADH there are rooms for 175 students of the universities in Frankfurt.

ADH is located in the Siolistraße 7, directly on Campus Westend of the Goethe University.
Bauverein Katholische Studentenheime
Other dormitories of the Bauverein Katholische Studentenheime e.V. are:


Friedrich-Dessauer-Haus    Dernbach-Haus Bernhard und Ludwig-Becker-Haus
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On behalf of

Generalverband der Katholischen Kirchen
in Frankfurt am Main


Your way to the Alfred-Delp-Haus in Frankfurt/Main, Germany:


  • Siolistraße 7
    60323 Frankfurt am Main
  • Phone: +49 69-789 88 29-40

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Interdisciplinary and international contacts

Living on the Campus Westend is attractive especially for students of the Goethe university. In our dorm you can nevertheless broaden your view by meeting students from other disciplines and different backgrounds. You can improve your language skills by talking with your neighbours. Participate also in the events of ADH. You can also profit from the support of the advisor of the Bauverein as well as from KHG and ESG.

Felix Fromm, student tutor in ADH Matthias Böhm, advisor (Wohnheimreferent)


The tutor is the person of contact if:

  • you would like to participate in an event of ADH
  • you want to organize events
  • you would like to have some advice in difficult situations
  • you live in ADH and …

He supports the student representatives of the ADH.
You find his office on the ground floor of house 6, opposite of the office/Sekretariat of ADH.
In winter semester 2018/19 Felix Fromm will be abroad and the new advisor will be the person of contact.

The advisor (Wohnheimreferent) supports the tutor in ADH, he offers coaching and counselling. He cooperates with the team of Katholische Hochschulgemeinde (KHG). His office is in the FDH, the big dormitory of the Bauverein in Frankfurt-Hausen. The new advisor is Matthias Böhm.

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